BEGINNER'S YOGA, 60 minutes: A four week series designed to safely teach the basics of yoga: alignment and technique of asana (postures), pranayama (breath), and dhyana (meditation).  This series will help to build awareness of the body and to prepare students for more progressive yoga classes.  This series includes a manual of yoga postures to be covered, and step-by-step personal instruction.  Questions are encouraged!!

GENTLE YOGA, 60 minutes: Restorative and energizing, this class combines gentle stretching and strength building postures, controlled breathing, and meditative mantras to rejuvenate the body and spirit.  Yoga props (blankets, blocks, straps or chairs) may be incorporated to safely stretch and strengthen the body while the slower pace of class encourages calming of the mind.

VINYASA YOGA, 60 or 75 minutes: Connecting breath with movement, vinyasa yoga is the perfect mix of challenging and invigorating postures designed to heat, strengthen and stretch the body.  The dynamic yet diverse postures ensure an exhilarating experience.  This class welcomes all levels of yoga practitioner.

POWER YOGA, 75 or 90 minutes: Taking vinyasa yoga to the next level!  This innovative class incorporates vinyasa yoga with longer holds and more advanced postures.  Challenge the body, the mind and the ego!  Sweat out toxins, including mental clutter such as stress and anxiety.  Focusing on balance, strength and alignment, this class is recommended for intermediate and advanced practitioners.  

BARRE BLEND, 60 MINUTES: Using ballet inspired moves, this low-impact body shaping class incorporates cardio, Pilates, yoga, and light weights for a fun, whole body workout suitable for all levels of fitness. 

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